Greatest Hentai Sites Paid and Free

Best Paid Hentai Subscription Site:

Here it is folks. The site I picked below have everything epic for a paid hentai site and MORE.
Here’s my first couple that are paid subscriptions that I recommend. Everything below is to my favorite free hentai porn site.

Hentai Passport:

Full Membership to Hentai Passport

Hentai Passport (paid version – free version below): Has been over the years the only hentai site I actually joined, up until recently when I wanted to see what else was out there. Thusly the reason for the next hentai site below. The reason I love HP is that it’s so clean, it’s some of the most professionally done hentai I’ve come across. Between the movies, games and pictures, they seem to keep it fresh month after month. I’m very impressed with these guys! But, it really comes down to have almost multiple memberships to many different niches of hentai.

NOW!! I thought I’d share some epic sites with you. They are all awesome hentai sites, free membership stuff, games and all the like, so here is the list you should be awesomely aware of for your bookmark hookups.

  1. Dqiucun – Free Mobile Hentai Games

Dqiucun is an awesome site and it’s full of a shit load of free hentai games. Eroge is something to be cherished and this site does just that. The favorites file is really awesome and I think there is something like 200-300 free games that have been fully reviewed on there.

2. GenkiHentai – Free & Paid Hentai Sites

Genki Hentai has a really epic list of free and paid memberships for hentai. Fully reviewed and they’re actually pretty good. Of course they need a CC and you need to cancel “recommended” sites or whatever, but you get a free hentai membership afterwards. I’d say it’s worth it. (this information above the fold is from this website btw).

3. Fakku – Doujin Stuffs

Nothing but net with this hentai site, it’s full of great amateur work as well as some great videos and manga images. You get what you get with Fakku.

4. Eroge Download – PENIS TIME

You can download hentai games with this site, other than that, watch out for crazy people roaming this website, you may end up downloading something you didn’t want. But there are some good games.

5. Liscious – Hentai Images

I great library of artist drawings of hentai and manga, this is my favorite of all type of sites like this.


If you have any other awesome hentai sites you’d like to suggest drop us a line at