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Even though she was far from being a virgin, Bill’s incredible thickness shocked her into a vicious orgasm only seconds after entry! “Sweet jesus in heaven!” she shrieked as inch after inch of fat pecker plowed into her helpless little pussy! Now sure that Bill was doing fine on his own, Emma climbed up onto the table and after taking her place over Briana’s face, lowered her super hairy muffy directly onto her open mouth! Bill’s head rolled back and forth on his shoulders as he watched his wife’s fat pussy being devoured by the hot mouthed little slut while he drove his eight inches of cock meat in and out of her tight little slit! Emma closed her eyes and cupped her huge chest while little Briana’s hyper active tongue scraped back and forth across the head of her super engored clitty. Over here Emma lifted her mouth from the dripping pussy and asked softly, “Do you love having your mother suck your vagina, dear?” “Oh, mommy!” she cried.

Hentai: [Dogoro03] June 2019

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