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And he should feel guilty! He basically promoted the worst member of the team to the highest salary maker above all of the people who had been trying to help her for months and now she was their boss! And Rosie didn’t think too long about it either because now she was going to be making over double her previous income and a company car and commission from everyone else s sales. She’s happy and she’s making lots of money and her dad is proud of her and the best part is that she keeps telling my wife all these details!

At first we were very disapproving and judgmental but eventually it started to turn into pillow talk and I love it! I love talking to my wife about her sister while we fuck.

Hentai: [Kakuzatou (Various)] Ero Archive -BlueArch Icha Love Ero Goudou- (Blue Archive) [Digital] [芝石ひらめ part] [Chinese] [GPT机翻]

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[角砂糖 (よろず)]Ero Archive-ブルアカイチャラブエロ合同- (ブルーアーカイブ) [DL版] [芝石ひらめ part] [中国翻訳]

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