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I then returned to the world and went to Aang, but that wasn't as successful as I thought it was going to be considering I was frozen along side him when I dived under water to get him and drag him to the surface. (C96) [Hitsujimama (Hitsuji Takako)] Bonyuu-chan… As I left the home and went out the back I felt a wave I heat hit me as I saw Korra fire bending,

“You alright? You seem angry?” I asked as she let her arms fall to her sides limply as she turned to face me wih anger riddling her face

“What do you want!” she shouted at me with an almost uncontrollable rage as I took a step back in shock at how violent she was at the age of 12

“What's your problem” I retorted in frustration as she stomped towards me

“What's my problem! What's MY problem! You're my problem! I don't need you! You are just going to try and take my role as avatar like you did to Avatar Aang!” she screamed in my face as she closed the distance between us and stared at me with eyes full of rage, fury but also fear

“I didn't steal his role as Avatar, my role is to guide and protect the Avatar not take it away from them” I replied calmly as I tried to cool her down

“Yes you did! It was his job to bring balance to the world not yours! You stopped the fire nation not Aang! And now you expect me to believe you won't take my role too!” now I was angry at Korra and I had raised my tone

“I took away Azuras bending to stop Aang from having to worry about Katara and Zuko as they battled Azura so that he wasable to focus solely on Ozai, I then nearly killed myself by travelling faster than light itself to Aang and destroyed the other Fire Nation Airships so as to let Aang focus and not be pressured into making a horrible mistake in killing him! I was protecting him by doing so! He brought balance to the world not me! He founded Republic city not me! Before you go making accusations like that you might want to read up on your history or ask Katara about it! If Aang was to kill Ozai his spirit would have become corrupted, he would have become evil! But I stopped that by risking my own life to protect him! It nearly killed me doing what I did!” I roared at her as she took a step back in shock as if she had been slapped on the face,

“Im sorry I didn't understand what you were supposed to be doing” she said sadly in an apologetic tone

“But don't you EVER.

Hentai: [Simon-chi] Exodus -Jessica- (Dragon Quest VIII)

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