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Next day we were really close each other, I told her let go to the river near by, a was really solitaire area a was Friday so a was perfect to be alone an the middle of no where, I put my short en t-shirt an she ask me what do you want me to wear, I’m yours an I belong to you now, you orders are my command, I say, sis you don’t have to say that, and she say yes I’m all yours but please don’t never let me I feel lonely, is ok sis you will never be alone any more you have me, I kind I thought about it, what she just told me, and ask her sis you would do anything for me, and she respond yes anything, I told her to wear her white mini macro bikini mini skirt she had, that macro bikini is you don’t know is little piece of fabric just cover nipples an little triangle cover her pussy and the back is just string between her butt chicks, she say no problem we took are back packs with more stuff food and other clothes and a ten, and we hit toward to the river she look very hot she had on her platform sandals, we got there a was around noon, really hot day and humid like usual even night temperature doesn’t drop much, we were looking for looking for a good spot we find one really good hidden in trees we opened our ten and we put are stuff away, I told to take her to take mini skirt off, there she was the most hot creature that macro bikini barely covering her body, that butt a was incredible those tits, bikini a was so thing a translucent, I ordered to get in the water, she was totally under my control, a could see her nipple in her pussy totally translucent, no pubic hair she shaved all off, we were in water together and I got hard on, my dick came out of my speedo, a was behind her pushing my dick against to her butt, a took her top off her tits, and took my speedo off I pulled the string of the micro mini bikini to the side and I pushed my dick inside her really hard this time took half of dick with out a problem she moan, she was really hot inside, I when farther and put my finger inside her ass and then two fingers in her ass, told her I want to fuck your ass, we come out off the water and inside the ten and told her to Lie down on the ground inside the ten we had towel there, and put my back pack under her belly and open her butt chicks and put my dick in her ass, she was so tight a took me few time until I could put cock head inside her, she scream loud, you say you would do anything for me, she say yes fuck my ass, I pushed in very hard oooohhh man that asshole a was fucking tight a just took me few minutes an my cum filled her ass, a felt so good my dick slide out of her ass an told her to suck my dick she took it suck it, clean it up with her tongue was good, we had a lot sex, an wild sex for months, and she want to have sex all the time, even at night when mom a was at home Monday and Tuesdays, we used play game la for example, suck my dick in the bathroom when mom a was in the kitchen, or when dad a was in his room, one weekend we were alone at home I told her the I want to play game but this time a will be more difficult, today is Saturday we are going to the river you going to were you micro mini bikini for somebody else and she what!! I don’t understand, just put that on and mini skirt, she say ok just give me few minutes to get ready, she got in the bathroom and she came out 10 minutes later wearing the micro bikini she look hot and she turn around and she say, how do I look?? I say you look hot, I took her arm and pulled toward to me and I kiss her and grabbed her butt, I love her ass, I say let go to the river we took our stuff with us, we find another spot this time a was and old dude like in his 50 fat long beard, fishing camping on the river I told my self this is perfect, the guy saw us passing by, the guys eyes pop out when he saw my sis, she was with the mini skirt on I told my self just wait when she take that skirt off, she had small top and underneath the top of her micro bikini, we find spot like 30 yard from him, my sis told me this guy is here I just brought my macro bikini how I going to get in the water, well you told the you would do anything for me remember, well this is the time to prove it, she look it me and she say ok, lets open are ten and talk, about what I want from you, you going to take you cloth off and get in the water with only wearing your micro bikini, You going to play in the water you going to show your butt to him, dive in the water living you butt above the water, show him your tits don’t take anything off just drive him nut, I want you to have sex with him, but not here over there in the wood you going to take over there I want to watch you fucking other guy, she say if the guy hurt me, don’t worry I be around, I going to leave now and I will be waiting for you over there, ok she say ok if that what you want, I left the guy saw me leaving the area, he was fishing and he had ten right next to him, I hid my self in the behind the woods, like 5 minutes later she came out, she look fucking hot her bikini barely covering her parts, the dude eyes pop out his jaw drop, she walk in the water slowly and dive in, she begin the game swimming by his area the guy told her something I could not hear I was to far, the kept swimming an chatting for 30minutes, she came out the water by our side by our ten she put her shoes on walk by spot I told her, the guy got in his ten, but we didn’t know the guy wasn’t alone were another guy with him, sleeping in the ten, the both got out toward to my sis she got to the spot I told her and 2 guys approach her, I say fuck what should I do now, I think I going to wait to see what happens, the first dude took her from her arm and took her top off , the other guy a was behind her fingering her pussy, she didn’t scream nothing, the guy behind her pulled the string of her bikini to the side and he was his knees licking her ass like crazy, the other guy a was licking her pussy one and each side the guys were so much in to it, the guy on front got up and took his dick out he erected she grabbed from her hair and pulled down to his dick she begin sucking his dick she was sucking one guys the other guy had face in between her butt chicks she was bended over, the guy behind her took his dick out big tool, he start rubbing on her cunt, all sudden the guy start fucking her for a less 15 minutes they took turns, one the guys took her from her legs she had her arms around his neck she was in ecstasy I could tell fucking whore a was enjoying the moment, I don’t know if a was mad with her or jealous, both guys took turns to fuck her a less an hour, the guy a was behind her came climax an spray his cum on her back, she was blowing the other guy he cum in her mouth she ate all, she got up and walk away toward to the ten , the went to their place and he start drinking, I came out and hit toward to may ten my sis a was inside I pass by them the were smiling an bragging I could tell and their faces, they look at me they didn’t say a word, I got in the ten, my sis a was there cleaning her self up, an she say the were 2 guys, yes I saw it, did you like what you saw it she asked me, a was a moment of silent, I say yes, but let go home I’m afraid these guy they may want more of you, she say ok whatever you want, we took are stuff we left, we got home she took a shower and sat in our bed and asked her do you feel ok, she say yes just bit sore, they guys fuck to hard an bit me in butt and tits and nipples, I have bruises in my body and purple spot around my ass and tits, I said show to me she got up and she took her top off the were sings of bruises around her nipples I told her that will go away, the guys weren’t gentle with you, she turn around and she pulled her thong down and she say a hurt right here she pointed spot near her asshole, the were marks of teeth’s , I told her, the guys went crazy on you, they bit your butt, you be all right. Officesex (C67) [GEGERA STANDARD (Gegera… to be continued.

Hentai: [ELHEART'S (Ibuki Pon)] Koukai wa shite inai! (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

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[ELHEART'S (息吹ポン)]後悔はしていない!(魔法少女リリカルなのは)

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