[Ukishiki (UKI_S)] Mothercorn Vol 3 [Chinese] [超勇漢化組]

He reached out to caress her smooth porcelain skin of cheek, then without hesitation, he grabbed her by the hair, slammed her face into his solid oak desk, as her small body was slumped over, he hiked up her form fitting light blue dress and ripped her flimsy g string from her body, as he held her face pressed harshly to the desk with blood seeping from her nose, he began to unbuckle his belt and soon his 9 inch thick fat and veighny cock sprung free,he began stroking his enormous hard on and ordered the banged up blonde to spread her little butt cheeks apart for his thick brown anaconda and in no time he popped the head in and began ramming right into her dry, soon to be abused sphincter. His eyes were menacing as the dark black coals seared into her, he was 6' 2 and 250 Ibs, hairy as a a wombat and honed dark indian features, as if his presence wasn't enough of an intimidation to the 4'9 petite, 110 Ib when shes soaking wet blonde, his dark nature was something he just emanated and filled the room with.

Hentai: [Ukishiki (UKI_S)] Mothercorn Vol 3 [Chinese] [超勇漢化組]

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[Ukishiki (UKI_S)]Mothercorn Vol 3[Chinese] [超勇漢化組]

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