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The knot had just dropped out, as Jan told Steve to bring up her first horse, this got a round of applause and Wows from the new guys, this is what they wanted to see, the snorting sound of a horny horse broke the night air, as Jan moved ready for his cock, I held the poppers for her, she took heaps, as the horse stood over her now his cock growing bigger with every second. Jav Minami No Shima De Daitan Ni. – Dead Or Alive… She took him for about 5 minutes, then the all too familiar sounds of a horse ready to cum filled the air, his cock jerked wildly as Jan’s ass took the full force of gallons of hot cum, the guys watched as his cock shot back from her and spewed heaps more cum over her back and hair, as the last drops fell from his cock, Jan turned went down and sucked ever last drop from him, this really got a cheer from the guys, looks like Jan was going to outdo us all tonight.

Hentai: [odin (Kurokawa Izumi)] P3 (ToHeart2)

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[odin (黒川IZUMI)]P3(ToHeart2)

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