(CCOsaka107) [Haraheridou (Herio)] Yodooshi Lamretta (Granblue Fantasy) [Chinese] [新桥月白日语社X佳奈助汉化组]

My advice is to buy in small lots using off shore and foreign accounts, if we do it right, we can make a half a million easy. ” After hesitating a moment, he hit the send box, and his message was gone!!!

Nervously Alex sipped his cup of cappuccino while he waited for two o'clock and V to arrive!!! He kept looking at his watch, while wondering if this wasn't a big mistake, and maybe he should just get up and leave when she appeared inside the front door and started surveying the crowd!!! “Here goes nothing,” he said to under his breath while standing up and motioning her over to his table!!! He had seen her before in her office when she was working late, and to say that she was a stunning woman would not have done her justice, with her short blonde hair, a beautiful face, and a figure to die for!!! When she reached his table she sat down and immediately tried to dominate the conversation!!! “I should have known,” she said while shaking her head, “the janitor, I never would have figured that, and by the way, you have nothing, who would ever believe you!?!” He leaned back in his chair after having let her vent a little and replied softly, “Oh, I don't know, maybe someone down at the SEC might be interested!!!” “Humph,” she snorted, “all you have is a scribbled note, not a whole lot of proof, it's nothing but air!!!” “Well,” he said smoothly, “maybe you're right, but since Friday was a holiday, and your note was written on Thursday, and I didn't find it until early Sunday morning, I think we can assume that your compatriot has already done the dirty deed, it shouldn’t be to hard for SEC boys to find out who's been buying up Bolling shares over the weekend!!!” She looked at him hard for a moment and replied more softly, “How in the hell did a janitor get so smart?!?” “Oh, I don't know,” he said smoothly, “maybe since he has an MBA in business he's just a little sharper than the average janitor!!!” She slumped down in her chair a little and in a defeated voice asked, “Okay, what do you want!?!” He looked at her for a second and said to himself, “Gottcha!!!”

After leaving the coffee shop together, she took him by the arm and said, “Please tell me what you want, is it money, how much!?!” He looked into her arctic blue eyes and asked, “Tell me, Valerie, what color panties are you wearing!?!” “You can’t speak to me that way,” she gasped!!! “Really,” he said a matter of factly, “I think I can talk to you any damn way I please, and the question still stands, what color are they!?!” “I-I won't tell you,” she blubbered, “it's none of your business!!!” With his voice growing cold he offered, “Don't test my patience, honey, I have a real knack at sending e-mails, and my first one is to the SEC and next one is to your boss!!!” With that last sentence sinking in all of the starch went out of her and she answered softly, “They're white, white nylon!” Now taking her by the arm and leading her to the elevator he whispered, “See, wasn't that easy, so tell me, Valerie, what size bra do you wear?!?” She gave him a dirty look and replied, “36D, if it's any of your business!!!” While chuckling softly he retorted, “it is, baby, it is!!!”

He stopped the elevator on the tenth floor and held the door open for her as she asked, “What are we doing here, my office is on twenty eight!?!” “You're right, of course,” he answered, “but there's an office down here I'd like you to see, follow me!!!” After using his pass key to gain entry, she opined, “this office is unoccupied, I don't see.

Hentai: (CCOsaka107) [Haraheridou (Herio)] Yodooshi Lamretta (Granblue Fantasy) [Chinese] [新桥月白日语社X佳奈助汉化组]

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(CC大阪107) [はらヘリ堂 (ヘリを)]夜通しラムレッダ(グランブルーファンタジー) [中国翻訳]

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