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I screamed this dog fucked my ass a lot harder and faster than Fluffy ever did my pussy It hurt so fucking bad, could feel a ball the size of a tennis ball banging against my tiny little asshole, my ass felt stretched to the limit with his huge dog dick in there it had to have been 8 or 9 inches in my ass, there is no way this going to fit in there, I thought
ONCE AGAIN I WAS WRONG. Massive [31 Pieces] Eroticism Image Of The Peach… I could feel something it felt the size of a golf ball banging against my pussy lips I didn’t know what it was but I thought there was no way it could fit in my little pussy, MAN WAS I EVER WRONG, a few more thrust and it popped inside me, it hurt like hell it stretched my pussy walls to the limit, I Screamed out in pain just than I could feel his thrusts getting really slow and jerky they went from long deep thrust to short little jabs as I felt this thing the size of a golf ball lock into place and getting bigger , than he pushed his head back and howled like wolf I feel into another orgasm and must have pasted out, I woke up and pussy caning and I thought oh it was just I another dream as I went to get up I felt the ball in my pussy now the size of a two golf balls which sent me crashing back to reality, I was still stuck to Fluffy and he was still spurting deep inside me, I pulled and pulled trying to get free and than Fluffy growled at me and snapped towards me so I remind tied to him and remind still in fear of him bitting me, was now on all fours over the dog still tied together and wonder what to do to get free, and just than I felt a tongue around my pussy and my head shoot around in shock, it was only Shep the post master 2 year old white Sheppard, he was a lot bigger and muscular than Fluffy and he had a really mean look in his eyes, like he would rip you apart in a second, which made me a fair bit scared he licked around my pussy and lick my tiny little asshole which I found exciting I was wet and horny again Shep jumped up and wrapped his paws around my waist and start trying to fuck me he hit the back of my leg and ass cheek and even once of twice poked my tiny little asshole, I said you stupid dog there is no room for you my pussy is full with Fluffy so get down, ONCE AGAIN WAS I EVER WRONG, he poked and pushed around I felt the tip slid into my asshole which kind of tickled and excited me at the same time, than I thought I don’t want this dog fucking my ass, so I started trying to pull away from him and fluffy growled at my with his teeth bared I was very afraid of being bitten and being fucked in the ass by this huge dog but I thought to my self Sam there is only one way out of this, so I remind still ad prepare to have ass sex for the very first time, his tip poked and move in and out I thought this is to bad and let out a really big breathe of air which must have relaxed my ass muscles because with one really big jump and he thrust all of his dog meat in to my tiny virgin asshole.

Hentai: [Koban Dou (Sameda Koban)] KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [Chinese] [final個人漢化] [Digital]

KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 1KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 2KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 3KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 4KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 5KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 6KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 7KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 8KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 9KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 10KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 11KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 12KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 13KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 14KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 15KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 16KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 17KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 18KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 19KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 20KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 21KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 22KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 23KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 24KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 25KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 26KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 27KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 28KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 29KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 30KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 31KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 32KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 33KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 34KanColle~ Chinjufu Gouchin 35

[小判堂 (さめだ小判)]姦これ~鎮守府轟沈(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-) [中国翻訳] [DL版]

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